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About Chocolate
Casanova was not just a lover of women. It is said he indulged in chocolate before bedding his conquests. It was known then as it is now as a subtle aphrodisiac.
Throughout the ages, chocolate has been revered.
  • Cacao is known as theobroma cacao, the "fruit of the gods!
  • Aztecs prepared it as a beverage to be served
    only for warriors, nobility and priests.
  • The Emperor Montezuma allegedly drank
    50 goblets a day!
Today chocolate lovers can take heart! Chocolate is made from cocoa which is rich in minerals the body needs, including magnesium and iron. This favourite food is packed with high-quality polyphenol antioxidents that may reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart disease. In fact a study of 8000 male Harvard graduates showed that chocoholics lived longer than abstainers.
Consumption of chocolate also triggers the release of endorphins. Cravings are usually most intense in the late afternoon and early evening. So you can imagine why chocolate is the most single craved food in North America. It is the ‘love chemical’.

Chocolate is also good for pregnant mothers. Not only does it lower the risk of hypertension when in they consume it daily. Babies born to these women laugh, smile and are much more active.

When you have had the opportunity to taste fresh Belgian Chocolates it's easy to see why one would want to become a Wickerhead. Take your time and discover the magic in our hand made chocolates.
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